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Chesterband Sales Group Ltd.

Is the company that operates the site

Chesterband Sales Group Ltd. operates the BottleGame brand, portal and virtual currency via

Established in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2012, Chesterband Sales Group Ltd. operates a video chat gaming portal, one of the growing sectors in the digital entertainment industry. Our portal is now a major destination for many online gamers and daters with over 3,500,000 users.

BottleGame is a unique multi-user video chat based on the famous “Spin the Bottle” game that allows people to spontaneously interact, chat, share interests, have fun together and consequently meet and date.

Communication takes place in virtual chat rooms, each of which can host up to 24 people of both genders.

Apart from playing in a group, users have an opportunity to chat privately or communicate and share various interests and hobbies in general setting or in private rooms and choose other free and VIP status options to enhance social entertainment.

To contact us please email to:


Alternatively, you may contact us at:

Chesterband Sales Group Ltd.
1-3 Boumboulinas St, Bouboulina Building, 3rd floor, off.34,
Nicosia 1060, Cyprus

Office 1, 12 Zvenigorodskaya St.,
Moscow 121433. Russia

Tel: +7  495 644 9860
Fax: +7 495 644 9860



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