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Hello everyone, today I want to bring to your attention a unique project, which doesn’t have analogs in the world - a mix of good old games - Spin the Bottle and group video chat. – it’s easy-going video communication during the game, meeting new people, jokes, quizzes, gifts, fun, etc.

 I have already authorized in the game, but in general after login immediately shown choice of rooms. Today, there are six basic types of rooms which have  different themes.

So, briefly about the types of rooms - this is classic kissing room, I’ll tell you more about it later, the next room is an  experienced room - the same that the kissing room but the  difference is , that just players with a rating can visit it , it is not for a new players.

This is a VIP room - the same that the  kissing room, but access to this room is only for VIP status  players. I will tell you later about VIP status.

The wish room - player spin the bottle, then make a wish. The one  who was  showed the bottle – should fulfill a wish. Actually it is very interesting - it's 2nd popular room of the application.

Room - the perfect couple. player spin the bottle  choosing his opponent, then to these players are given the same questions and possible answers.

if three of the four answers coincided , these players are announced the perfect couple, they are given  free time to communicate in a private room, and when they  return from private room these players are put on   a place of honor. I will tell you more about the private room later.

Finally photo Kiss room. Thanks to the developers, who took care of those users who don’t have a video camera. In fact it is the same kissing room, but here is not necessary to have a video camera, you can just upload your photo into  profile and play. So - this kissing room are made for those users who don’t have a video camera.

Today more detail on a  very simple, but the most popular room - classic kissing room.

Enter  into the room. Here I am, hi

The Player  ... he spins the bottle.

Lucky ... didn’t have to wait once fell on me, I press kiss ...   

and now I'm the player..

Notice there is a gold frame on me, I stand out from the masses - this is my VIP account.

You can activate VIP account here, besides a gold frame VIP status gives some advantages in the game and a lot of cool things for free, you will see more, when you  become a player of this interesting application

During the game you can talk and listen others ...

There's also a text chat, all people in the room can write there , and you can call any player in a private chat and message will be seen just by him.

Also you can call  any player to  the private room where you can chat together  without witnesses, by the way, it is cool , I recommend.

Here, like in a  common room, you can communicate by voice or in a text chat.

The game has a lot of interesting options such as - Liker, who where, anti-gun, immunity from weapons, keep an eye on , gifts albums where you need to collect gifts l and then get mega prize, your profile with flexible settings ....

and lots of other ….

I will not tell you  about everything in details now, because it takes a lot of time and it will be much better for you to learn  it by yourselves during the game, but I l want to say briefly about the stores of weapon and gifts. Developers have put  so much effort and creativity in their development that at least briefly not to stop on them - it's a sin.

 So now there are 8 shops  in the game.

Let’s watch  from left to right – love weapon shop , delicious gifts shop , ZOO shop, Flowers shop  , funny shop , different jokes shop , weapon shop, evil gifts shop  .

For clarity, we will present four random gift from different shops.

So ZOO shop - Cat on a ball – ready.

Next - funny  shop - Troll - done. No, how lovely.

Weapon shop - the attack from the air - bang, it’s all, he is finished. For 5 minutes

Evil gifts shop – the  Lattice – sit, darling, it’s not for a long

So, there are a lot of gifts and weapons for any taste.

Oh, I almost forgot, there is support, respond quickly and clearly, in any language of the world.

In general, come in, play, meet, socialize, have fun- you will certainly enjoy it.

The address is, as well as this game is in all known social networks, searched on request - Bottle game video chat.